Nature and History Trails

Antonín Sova History Trail

Distance: 7.5mi
Duration: 2 – 5 hrs
Number of waypoints: 4
Difficulty: medium
Theme: history
Trailhead GPS coordinates:: “see map“:

  1. Pacov History
  2. Antonín Sova: the Poet’s Life
  3. Bratřice History
  4. Antonín Sova and Lukavec Market-town History

This trail goes from Pacov via Bratřice and over Stražiště Hill to Lukavec where it turns towards Načeradec and Mount Blaník, following the green-marked field paths and forest roads. In Pacov you can visit the Gothic Church of St. Michael, Renaissance château, and Antonín Sova memorial park. The valley between Pacov and Bratřice hides the ruins of an 18th century glassworks. You can also visit a Baroque chapel in Bratřice, an 18th century wellspring and chapel at Stražiště Hill, and the Lukavec area and Antonín Sova exhibitions at the Neoclassical gazebo Hříbek in Lukavec manor park.

Stražiště Nature Trail

Distance: unconnected signboards placed throughout the area
Duration: 4 – 8 hrs
Number of waypoints: 3
Difficulty: medium
Theme: nature
“Plant Kingdom” waypoint: “see map“:
“Forestry” waypoint: “see map“:
“Birdboxes” waypoint: “see map“:

A medium difficulty walk consisting mostly of forest roads. Each of the three signboards is fitted with a map as the unmarked trail can be a bit hard to follow. Find the trailhead at the first signboard by the road behind Nové Vyklantice. The second signboard is mounted atop Stražiště Hill next to an 18th century wellspring and chapel. The last signboard can be seen by the Černý Rybník fishpond towards Bratřice.

Landscape Mosaics Nature Trail

Distance: 1.5mi
Duration: 1 hr
Number of waypoints: 6
Difficulty: low
Theme: ecosystems, plants and animals
Trailhead GPS coordinates:: “see map“:

  1. The Village and the Countryside
  2. Municipal Park Ecosystem
  3. Fields in the Landscape of the Pacov Highlands
  4. Forest Ecosystem of the Pacov Highlands
  5. Forest Management
  6. Fishpond Landscape

Pointing out the beauty of the Pacov Highlands, the Landscape Mosaics Nature Trail starts 5 miles northeast of Pacov. Follow the blue-marked tourist path from Těchobuz village square to the fishponds at Blatnice. The two miles trail is lined with six signboards introducing the lovely landscape of the Pacov Highlands along with the local plants and animals.

Těchobuz Landmarks History Trail

Distance: 2mi
Duration: 2hrs
Number of waypoints: 10
Difficulty: low
Theme: history
Trailhead GPS coordinates:: “see map“:

  1. Zámek
  2. Manor House
  3. Bell Tower
  4. St. Mark’s Church
  5. School House
  6. St. John Nepomucene Chapel
  7. Manor Park Glassworks History Exhibition
  8. Bolzano’s Well
  9. Former Mill
  10. Inn
  11. Granary

The Těchobuz Landmarks History Trail consists of two separate circuits. The shorter one takes you around the village strewn with historical buildings. The longer circuit marked with wooden signposts veers off to the stonewalled churchyard outside the village. A St. John Nepomucene Chapel – also known as the Hoffmann Memorial Chapel – embraced by massive lindens is standing by the churchyard entrance. Cross the road heading towards Mladá Vožice and go across the field and through the grove to the Loudal fishpond. Follow the causeway to Těchobuz manor park, the former home of a glass factory. The nearby Bolzano’s Well is named after the philosopher and mathematician Bernard Bolzano who according to the local lore found the Hoffmanns’ lost daughter here. Carry on to the Trnávka Creek where a glassworks and a mill once stood. The final landmark in the shape of a small granary can be seen at the far end of the village by the road to Pacov.