Jewish Monuments

Closed on Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

Jewish Cemetery

Židovský hřbitov v Pacově
Established in 1680, its oldest tombstones date from the 18th century. A permanent local Jewish history exhibition was mounted in the mortuary in 2005. The cemetery is open all year round except Saturdays and other Jewish holidays. (see website).

  • The cemetery is usually locked. Ask for the mortuary key at the château’s Tourist Information Centre. Last entry one hour before closing time.


Synagoga Pacov
Built in the 1810s in the Classical style including some Neo-Romanesque features, the synagogue is situated in the alley connecting Hronova Street with Náměstí Svobody Square. It is now owned by the Tikkun Pacov NGO which intends to restore the building and use it for awareness-raising and cultural purposes. The synagogue is open to public during occasional events organized by Tikkun Pacov.(see website)

  • it is closed to the public

Nová Cerekev Synagogue and Cemetery

Hřbitov Nová Cerekev
The synagogue was built in Moorish Revival style in the mid-19th century. The old Jewish cemetery was established around 1600. (synagogue, cemetery).

  • Accessible by advance booking via Ms Libuše Hodíková (phone number 607 231 986)
  • Distance: 10mi (Pacov to Nová Cerekev via Pošná, Proseč u Pošné, and Čížkov)

Jewish Cemetery, Hořepník

Hřbitov Hořepník
Established in the early 17th century. Around 100 tombstones of various ages can be seen at the 17,000ft2 site. (see website).

  • Freely accessible
  • Distance: 10 km (Pacov, Březina, Hořepník)

Jewish Cemetery, Košetice

Hřbitov Košetice
Located a mile southeast of the village in the middle of the woods above the Hrozný Žlab foot trail. Established before 1711 (see website).

  • Freely accessible
  • Distance: 12mi (Pacov, Březina, Hořepník, Arneštovice, Košetice)

Jewish Cemetery, Lukavec

Hřbitov Lukavec
Located 270yd north of the village square amidst private lands. The access road was created in 2002. Established before 1724 when it was first mentioned in writing (see website).

  • Freely accessible
  • Distance: 8mi (Pacov, Salačova Lhota, Lukavec)

Černovice Jewish Cemetery and Holocaust Memorial

Hřbitov Černovice
Reachable via the red-marked tourist trail, the cemetery is located 550yd north of the town. Families of Černovice, Nová Včelnice, and Kamenice nad Lipou established the cemetery before 1695 (perhaps as early as the mid-17th century). The mortuary contains a small exhibition (see website).

  • Accessible by advance booking via Mr Alfred Teller (phone number 776 631 248)
  • Distance: 8.5mi (Pacov, Eš, Věžná, Černovice)

Jewish Cemetery in Antonka, Kamenice nad Lipou

Hřbitov Černovice
Located a mile northeast of the town in the woods near a byroad connecting Kamenice with Častrov via Antonka. It was established in 1803 and remained in use until WWII. (see website).

  • Freely accessible
  • Distance: 15.5mi (Pacov, Eš, Kámen, Lidmaň, Těmice, Kamenice nad Lipou, Antonka)