Museum History

The historian, high-school professor, and progressivist, Ferdinand Pakosta (1884–1914) established the local history museum in 1908, the initial exhibition consisting of items he managed to acquire with the help of several like-minded volunteers. Soon the municipal archive’s collection of historical documents was entrusted to its care, inspiring Pakosta to commence his work on the encyclopedia of Pacov history – never to be finished, as Pakosta sustained a fatal injury on the eastern front of World War I. The museum too suffered at the hands of fate, having lost its office when the town hall burned down in 1917 and consequently falling into stagnation due to a general negligence. Only with the arrival of Jan Zoubek (1898–1966) who took up the curator duties of his own volition did the museum blossom anew. Aided by Přemysl Plaček (1886–1967) and supported by the Museum Society as well as municipal authorities, the admirably efficient Zoubek managed to put up new exhibitions, expand the collection, and introduce the museum along with the rest of Pacov to a broader public by tending the artistic legacy of the poet Antonín Sova and promoting the other notable Pacov natives and the local bike racing scene. The foundations laid by him were later successfully extended by other curators who likewise concentrated on collecting, processing, and presenting, the documents mapping both historical and contemporary aspects of the Pacov area.

Since 2011 Antonín Sova History Museum can be visited inside the newly renovated château.

Městské muzeum Antonína Sovy v Hronově uliciMěstské muzeum Antonína Sovy v Hronově ulici
A vintage photograph showing the history museum in Hronova St around 1930 (left) and before the vacation of premises in 2011 (right).
Městské muzeum Antonína Sovy od roku 2011 na pacovském zámku
In 2011 the Antonín Sova History Museum moved to the château.