Antonín Sova History Museum, Pacov

Several permanent exhibitions are now open to the public, including the following:

Pacov Area History. A comprehensive retrospective exhibition covering the town history from its earliest known inhabitants up to the 20th century. There are many impressive artifacts including prehistoric stone tools, a Gothic tile and cupboard, Baroque sculptures, artisanal and guild objects, and historic glass.

Expozice Historie PacovskaPacov Area History
Pacov Area History

Room 3 adds another layer to the modern local history with its permanent exhibition Motorcycle Racing in Pacov which focuses on the domestic and international bike races that took place at the Pacov Circuit in 1905 and 1906. Several vintage motorcycles supplement the ample pictorial evidence regarding the motocross race-course Propad Circuit, Vintage Bike Championship, and further events, among others. Room 4 showcases the trophies won by the famous riders and off-road racers František and Jiří Hrobský. Short videos are screened throughout the exhibition.

Expozice Pacov a motocyklový sportMotorcycle Racing in Pacov
Motorcycle Racing in Pacov

The Life and Work of Antonín Sova. A visitor-friendly exhibition centred on the best-known Pacov native and a major figure of the modern Czech poetry. The plentiful original items draw a steady stream of Sova fans, school excursions, and the cultured public. A documentary movie follows Sova’s extraordinary personal and artistic life.

Expozice Život a dílo básníka Antonína SovyThe Life and Work of Antonín Sova
The Life and Work of Antonín Sova

Jan Autengruber Gallery. A collection of the masterful paintings created by an untimely deceased artist (1887–1920), now exhibited to great effect in a self-contained hall. The Pacov-born and Munich Academy-educated Autengruber was recently rediscovered to a huge critical acclaim. His works have been included in major displays of the early 20th century art as well as several successful solo exhibitions.

Jan Autengruber GalleryGalerie Jana Autengrubera
Jan Autengruber Gallery